Helping your organization with GDPR regulatory challenges
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Cyber resilience – regulatory compliance is an innovative European-built RPA-driven compliance management environment, aimed at supporting organizations in managing legal requirements by providing a workflow management system, templates and meeting your legal requirements.

Do you want a governance drive where risk and business owners need contextual information to make strategic decisions? Or is it the technological challenge in the organization to address roles and responsibilities that enable cyber resilience in the often “complex” landscape of people, processes and technologies; can help you gain insight based on industry-standard principles and years of experience.

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A platform of experience.

Our legal, cybersecurity, and privacy specialists have joined forces to develop Their combined experience provides a unique and refreshing way for your organization to manage compliance with various, sometimes even legal, requirements.

Protect your company against ransomware.

Does your company have concrete measures to protect itself against ransomware? Do you have a plan in place to recover from a ransomware attack? can help you embed these measures in your organization.

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Integrates seamless into your organization.

Identify your organization within as a holding company, multiple entities, vertical or horizontal. With a roles and responsibilities (third parties, processors, technical, risk, business owner…) based model that is both transparent and easy to configure.

Integrated demonstrable compliance frameworks.

Such as ISO27k, NIST-800, Cloud Security Alliance, Cyber Fundamentals, … under NIS, GDPR, ePrivacy and EU Cybersecurity Act. Threat-based scenario-driven thinking.

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Privacy & Cookie policies

Match privacy & cookie policies with your used technology and processes. Inform your webmaster, DNS & web hoster correctly about where the cyber gaps are in the technology thanks to automated reviews on your websites and your cookies.

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Risk management

Do you use Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google, Windows, … like most of us? Do you know the baseline compliance requirements for these platforms? And do you also know the basic cyber security that is specific to these ICT technologies …?

Ask yourself a question: Is all traffic to and from my website over a secure connection? Is the management of my website secured with multi factor? Do you know your DNS provider and does it protect its admin dashboard with two-factor authentication?

Do your users, customers and employees know what can happen or how to react if something happens that doesn’t seem normal or seems funny?

Do not bomb cybersecurity and compliance, but a continuous journey towards improving people, processes and technologies. Focus on the well-being of the organization, maximize the ROI of the existing baseline and use risk management as one of the guidelines for investing and innovating.

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